Bottle Redemption

We are a certified Vermont Redemption Center. One of the few in the state. Our redemption center is not staffed full-time, but we can take bottles anytime the storefront is open.

Here is how it works:

  • Returnables must have the “VT” stamp in the can or on the label. We pay 5 cents per container for these.
  • VT liquor bottles are also accepted. We pay 15 cents per container for these.
  • Non-returnable containers (milk jugs, wine bottles, soup cans, water bottles, etc.) may be included but only as recycling. THERE IS NO DEPOSIT ON THESE ITEMS.
  • We will pay you immediately for returnables if you count them before you arrive.

If you do not count your returnables:

  • We will take down your name and contact information and count them for you. This may take up to a week depending on how busy the redemption center is. We make every effort to count bottles as quickly as possible to get you your money.
  • If you have a bottle drive for an organization we ask for contact information from the person in charge of the bottle drive.

For all returnables we ask that our customers drop them off in plastic garbage bags. Please tie them to avoid losing them to the wind. 

One last note to our customers. It does not happen often, and we do not like to do it, but customers who count their containers ahead of time and include non-redeemable containers in that count to collect more money will be placed on the Black List and we will count your containers from then on.

We don’t want to go there, and neither do you. We are honest with you when we count the containers, please be honest with us.

Thank you!

From the bottle crew.